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Welcome to our FAQs, your compass to a seamless yacht rental experience. From availability to amenities, we've got your questions covered. Set sail with confidence!

What happens if it rains?

Weather in Miami is extremely unpredictable that’s why our cancellation policy is very strict. Rain or lack of sun won’t prevent the charter from happening. Only a really bad storm or that the coast guard or captain declares is not safe to go out will prevent it. We also monitored the clouds, and we can cruise to certain places to avoid the rain.

Where’s the pickup location?

The majority of our yachts conduct pickups at Chamonix Marina, located at 3660 NW 21st St, by the river. Please note that there are exceptions, such as the Azimut 80', which conducts pickups in the bay. If you require additional information for your booking, please feel free to contact us anytime.

What’s the cruising area?

Our cruising area is is Miami Bay.

What’s the route we follow?

We offer a variety of routes tailored to the duration of your trip. Your journey begins by navigating the scenic Miami River. After this picturesque start, we recommend coordinating the remaining route directly with your captain, as they can provide personalized recommendations based on your preferences. Typically, many of our clients continue on to explore options such as anchoring at Hobbie Beach, cruising around Bayside, admiring the opulent mansions on Star Island, and even making a visit to the Nixon Sandbar, all depending on the charter duration. Your journey is customizable to ensure a memorable experience

How do I pay my remaining balance?

The remaining balance is payable upon boarding, and you can settle it directly with your captain using either cash or electronic payment methods like Cash App or Zelle.

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