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Cruise the High Seas in Style…and Safety

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

With more than 11 million recreational vessels registered in the U.S., millions of Americans are enjoying time on and in the water. But boating does come with certain risks that can result in personal injury and property damage.

Sea Miami Yacht Rentals, the leading boat rental service in Miami Beach, Florida, wants to help you make the most of your nautical experience — and that starts with taking some proper precautions:

1. Always wear your life jacket: The U.S. Coast Guard reports 76 percent of recent boating deaths were due to drowning, and 84 percent of the victims were not wearing a life jacket.

2. Know the ropes: Brush up on local boating laws and basic boating techniques and rules.

3. Make a checklist: These come in very handy to ensure you have everything you need in your boat, including a tool kit and first-aid kit.

4. Be sensible: Know your limits and stay within them to avoid injury. This includes not drinking if you’re driving the boat, and being aware of sudden threatening changes in weather that can pose a hazard.

Sea Miami Yacht Rentals seeks to make your adventures on the high seas as rewarding and memorable as possible. We have a variety of stylish yachts to choose from, from 24 feet to 80 feet. Captain and service available. Contact us today to find out more!

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